Screen Rentals2020-08-06T02:36:32+00:00

Main Event

Up to 25 Viewers

Our main event package includes everything you need for your outdoor movie or gaming experience including a 12ft. screen great for up to 25 viewers.





Up to 75 Viewers

Our blockbuster package creates a drive-in movie or gaming experience in your own backyard. We provide a 16ft. inflatable screen great for up to 75 viewers.



Do you travel or only service locally?2020-08-06T02:10:03+00:00

Although we primarily operate in the Little Rock, AR area, we love to travel. Note there will be additional travel fees.

Can I rent this for a weekend?2020-08-06T02:08:38+00:00

We love to help our customers. Let’s discuss your event details and we will customize a solution to fit your needs.

I don’t have outdoor furniture can you help me?2020-08-06T02:08:08+00:00

No furniture, no problem! We have select furniture available to add-on to any package.

How loud will the sound be?2020-08-06T02:07:19+00:00

We offer speaker systems ranging from 100W-800W dependent on the type of event and location.

Do I need any clearance from my neighborhood?2020-08-06T02:06:36+00:00

Clearance is not required for the majority of our events. However, if you are planning to have your event in a public area, a clearance may be required. Please discuss this with your Outdoor Fliks specialist at the time of booking.

Do you drop off and set up? Do you stay for the duration of the event?2020-08-06T02:05:51+00:00

Our Outdoor Fliks Tech Specialist does a complete set up of the media screen and equipment. We event stay for the duration of your event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

What type of movies can I show?2020-08-06T02:04:27+00:00

You choose the movie and we bring the fun. However, we do not support pornographic films.

Is this for adults or kids?2020-08-06T02:03:21+00:00

Why should kids have all the fun? Our media screen rentals and equipment are wonderful for all ages. Whether it’s ladies’ night, game night, or fight night, we can enhance the experience for any event.

I have a pool, can the equipment get wet?2020-08-06T02:02:02+00:00

While our screen is waterproof, our projector is not. We love poolside movies but just ask that we don’t make a splash near our media projector.

Can the screen fit comfortably in my back yard?2020-08-06T02:00:39+00:00

We have two media screen options sure to fit the needs of most of our customers. Should you have a questions regarding your space, let us know and we will assess the area to ensure a comfortable fit.

How much space does the set up take up?2020-08-06T01:59:05+00:00

The following breaks down the amount of space needed for setup:

12-foot screen: 12′ Tall x 12′ Wide x 4′ Deep + Add 10′ for Projector Table (16:9 Widescreen) (9×5 Viewable area)

16-foot screen: 16′ Tall x 16′ Wide x 12′ Deep + Add 12′ for Projector Table (4:3 Full Screen) (12×9 or 12×7 Viewable area)

What size is the screen?2020-08-06T01:58:03+00:00

Outdoor Fliks offers two screen sizes including the 12FT screen great for indoor or outdoor events. Our 16FT screen turns your outdoor space into a theater experience.

Do you offer packages?2020-08-06T01:56:37+00:00

We offer two packages that can be customized for your needs. Our standard package offers a 12FT screen great for indoor or outdoor events including the same audio, projector and service needs. Our Blockbuster package includes a 16FT inflatable screen for a truly unique outdoor experience. This package comes with the same great audio, media projector and great service.